GreenWater Algae-Help Getting Rid Of Pond Algae

Green Water Algae looks like your pond just turned into a pea soup pond.  Their is nothing wrong or unhealthy about this because it means your pond has lots of nutrients in it.  Green water algae can be very easy to get rid of because it doesn't take alot to control it.  What Does green water algae live off?
  1. Excess Nutrients from over feeding.
  2. To much sunlight.
  3. Overcrowded Pond
These are the three top culprits for it. Feeding your pond should only be done once a day either early morning or before dusk but make sure it's at the same time daily.  Feeding on a schedule will allow less food to sink to the bottom and more to be absorbed.  Also even if your fish eat it all each time if you feed 3 times a day that also equals more waste or poop created by your goldfish or koi.

Having to much sunlight can make getting rid of pond algae difficult because this is a harder thing to control.  Using lily pads will help reduce surface area that sun rays can reach as well as using a slanted roof or shelter to block sun rays.  Also using a blue pond tint can also help reflect the sun.

Overcrowding the pond is a huge problem usually since no one truly knows how many to add to their pond.  I believe with you should use goldfish for any pond under 300 gallons.  Goldfish only reach a foot compared to koi growing to 2-3 feet long.  I go with the general rule of one koi per 40 gallons on ponds bigger thn 300 gallons. Then one goldfish per 30 gallons in a pond.  Also using pond liners are the easiest way to know the size of your pond.

Products For Getting Rid Of Green Water Pond Algae.
This is a great algae fighter the Large Pond Cleaner ball, this is great for large ponds that need excess nutrients and sludge picked up. The 6in. disposable/recyclable plastic sphere is loaded with a beneficial bacteria and enzyme blend, designed to treat the real problem of ponds and small lakes that have excess nutrients problems. Patented time-release system releases daily doses of bacteria and enzymes that help keep sludge and algae blooms under control for a easy way of getting rid of pond algae. It's safe for humans, pets, fish and plants.  This ball works great, I have had alot of success with this.

Pond No More Algae for a clear water pond.

Pond No More Algae - 16 OuncePond No More Algae is a great product that kills algae in your pond.  It also slows the growth of algae which helps you fight off green water in your pond with out a whole lot of difficulty.  Also makes a good preventative for your pond.  Also using half the dose will rid your algae problem but just not as fast.

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Using Barley Pads or Balls To Fight Algae:
Healthy Ponds 51118 AquaSpherePro Biodegradable 12,500 Gallon 2-PackThis ball is preloaded with all natural bacteria and enzyme blend that takes away excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia, finding a ammonia removercanbe difficult, also ammonia is one of the main problem causers this helps in improving water quality and clarity. A patented timed-release system incubates and releases beneficial bacteria and enzymes 24-7 for 30 days. Each sphere treats up to 12,500 gallons. Being all-natural, you can't overtreat. PRO formula works effectively in water from 31° to 100°F.It's made from a corn-based polymer; after 30 days you can throw it away. Replace the sphere every once a month. Remember being all natural it doesn't happen over night like chemicals, but all natural will last longer in getting rid of algae it requires 4-6 weeks to achieve water improvement. Most effective in ponds with pH level between 6.0 and 8.2.

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