Keeping Voles or Moles Away From Your Pond

Voles and Moles are a large problem for most people and can cause alot of damage to your yard, even worst is the possibility of popping a hole into your pond liner.  Their are a few different ways to help insure they won't reach your pond.
If you haven't installed your pond yet then look for a used carpet this works great for a under-layment.  This helps keep them out because they are gonna dig where their is less resistance to them.  Also you can use a regular underlayment, check out this thick underlayment.

If you have already dug out the pond or built it then you could bury screen or fencing into the ground around the pond so that they can't dig through it.  This is what I hear works best it cost a little bit but beats trying to patch a pond.  Using a PVC pond liner is the most effect for the money and quality.

If you are having problems with algae check out some of my other articles on algae removal.  Getting Rid of Algae

How to Keep Heron's out of Your Pond

Blue Herons and Herons can cause you a lot of problems and most states that I know of make it illegal to kill them so you are stuck with scaring them off.  The heron with eat your koi or can hurt them in their attempt to catch them.  How to keep blue heron's out of your pond is actually easy to do. 

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  1. A blue heron statue is the best way to start because herons are territorial but make sure to move the statue every once in a while because herons are smarter than you think.
  2. Make your pond deeper than 3 feet because herons can't walk in water that deep, also having drop off edges all around your pond will help keep other predators out.
  3. Put a net over the top of your pond to help keep herons out of your pond, this will also keep leaves out as well, as well as keep your fish in your pond.
  4. Fake alligator head in the pond is also another way to scare them off because nothing messes with a alligator.
  5. Trip line using fishing line at the edge of the pond is another great way to scare them away from the edge of the pond.  
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As with the statue make sure you adjust the traps and statues because the heron smarten up and will out smart you when it comes to there meal in your pond.  If you have any problems with Pond Algae check out my other articles like How to get rid of Green Water in your Pond.

Getting Rid of Green Pond Water in Koi Pond

Getting rid of Green water in your pond is easy.  Green Pond water is usually from a large amount of nutrients being present in the water.  The excess of nutrients is caused from
  • Feeding to much
  • Overcrowded Pond
  • Not Enough Water Changes
  • To Much Sunlight
Don't worry this is a easy problem to fix.  Remember that feeding your fish should be only once a day.  Keep in mind that they are eating insects, and other food materials like plant or algae all day.  They graze when they want.  Check out these koi foods that are better quality that don't cloud water as much TetraPond Koi Growth Food., Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Floating Pond Sticks, Laguna Goldfish/Koi Floating Food, Tetra Pond Sticks, Staple Pellets - Medium.

Overcrowding your pond comes down to how many you have in your pond.  Remember koi can grow to 24 inches.  They may be cute and tiny now but they will grow fast.  I like to say about 100 gallons per koi that gives enough area for them to grow to a decent size to allow you to upgrade.

Water changes can be difficult to do in a pond that is why you want to use a pond vacuum.  This makes it easy to remove the excess nutrients in the water.  Making less food for the algae to eat off of.  Pond Vacuums come in many different sizes and are simple to use.  I'd like to think of it as a pool vacuum pretty much but different so that you don't scratch or rip the liners of your pond. Also check out the Matala Muck Vac II, Pond Vacuums Muck Vac,Pondovac 4,Poolmaster 28008 Black Magic Spa/Pool/Pond Jet Vacuum

Is to much sunlight entering your pond.  This is what algae feeds off of also and when you have a over abundance of sunlight and nutrients you have a instance algae bloom or green water in your pond.  You can use a blue tint liquid that is made for ponds that helps reflect the sunlight from the pond.  Also you can build a awning over the sunny side of the pond.  Even stopping the early morning sunlight will reduce your algae bloom tremendously

If you are still having problems with your pond having green water. Please leave a comment and I will answer it as quick as I can.

Getting Rid Of Pond Algae Next Year

PetSolutions Pond Algae Stop - PETSOLUTIONS POND ALGAE STOP 64 OZHealthy Ponds 60008 Blast Premeasured, Water-soluble 15-gram Packets, 5 packNow that winter and fall are upon us it is time to take extra care in keeping the leafs out of your pond.  Getting rid of pond algae starts and finishes never.  It will be a constant battle but these steps will make it easier for you.  When those leaves fall into your pond and sink they might seem like their not doing much now because your pond is clear.  But what they will do when they start breaking up is another story.  The easiest way to control this is to net out the leaves once a week or more if needed.  Getting rid of pond algae will be easier if you take away the nutrients from the leaves decomposing in your pond.  You want a nice clear pond come winter time.  When it freezes over you want little to no leaves in the pond.  Their are also some chemicals that you can add after winter to help break waste down to help you get that last little bit out.

Preventing Algae Blooms after Setting up your Pond: Step by Step

Pond Cleaner Clear as CrystalIf you just opened your pond after having it closed off all year then their are some steps to take to make sure you don't have a algae bloom to begin with.  This is going to take some work but is worth it in the long run.   What you need to do is to take all the debris out from the settling leaves and other matter that creates that sludge on the bottom of the pond.  Getting rid of pond algae starts here by taking out all the fish and putting in a container with a air stone.  Then drain the pond completely and spray out with a hose with tap water.  I then scrub the pond with a scrub brush to make sure to get all the debris from the bottom.  After hosing it all out fill it up with tap water with a conditioner added to it to get rid of harmful things to them.  Then add the koi back to the water when it reaches similar temperatures.  Also adding Pond Cleaner Clear as Crystal will help keep away algae blooms or green water for up to 3 months per bag. All you do is slit the bag and set in the middle of the pond.

Pond Tint Blue Dye - 16 OzTo cut back on this yearly maintenance you should cover your pond with a netting all year long, you can't see the net but it keeps leaves, birds, debris and other predator from reaching your water or fish.  Don't forget to add lilies, or other pond plants to help in your battle for algae control in your pond.  The netting can also act as a rest for a tarp or board to cut down on the sunlight if you need to reduce sunlight for algae related problems from it.  Also at this time you can add blue tint to the pond water to help reflect sun rays that in return helps you get rid of your pond algae.

Doing the following will help kill those excess nutrients hiding in the sludge on the bottom of your pond and will make your pond season a much more enjoyable one.

How to Remove String Algae from your Pond

String Algae is probably one of the most difficult algaes to get rid of but can also be a blessing in disguise.  String algae when taken out of the pond looks like a blanket of algae.  The trickiest issue about this algae is that a UV sterilizer will not affect it because it's not a free floating algae.  Many pond keepers like me love string algae when it is under control.  If you notice with alot of ponds with string algae are crystal clear which makes no sense but what happens is the blanket algae out competes the other algaes for food and actually starves out the other algaes.  This can be great a algae fighting another. The best way to combat algae is to keep it under control and the best way to do it is to twirl it around your finger and pull up and remove it.  If you would like to remove it still then the best way to remove it is to scrub the liner with a broom and scoop the blanket algae in a pool skimmer and then add a algae killer but be sure to check for safety of the chemical to make sure it's safe for fish, plants and any animals that may come in contact with the water.

Aquascape - SAB Extreme String Algae Control - 38.4 oz JarUsing Aquascape - SAB Extreme String Algae Control  is a great idea because it's not a chemical and treats large ponds to small ponds SAB Extreme is formulated to help reduce pond maintenance and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help control algae. Will assist in the breakdown and reduction of debris in the stream, waterfalls, and pond that cause green water and promote string algae growth and blanket algae. It will not harm fish and plants. It helps break down organic materials that create debris problems around waterfalls, rocks, plant pots, pumps, and filtration systems.  It works by adjusting the micro nutrients in the water of the pond resulting in conditions that are beneficial for good water quality and clarity. This product is actually 3 products in 1! They took the old SAB recipe and combined it with barley straw and natural biological powers of dry bacteria. If string algae is already a problem, then use Aqua scape Eco Blast to help remove existing

Pond Balance 8752 - Combat String Algae I use Pond Balance to combat string algae, and reduce stringy organic debris in my ponds. This Advanced Pond Care System is available in 3 sizes: The 8751 package treats ponds up to 3600 gallons, the 8752 package treats ponds up to 10800 gallons, and the 8753 package treats ponds up to 67100 gallons. Absolutely simple to apply, mix in a bucket, and add to your water. You will notice and improvement in your water quality in a few days. It may be necessary to manually remove the dying string algae afterwards with a pool skimmer net or it will decay and start the growing cycle over again. Tips: Unbalanced pond conditions can contribute to typical problems, such as diminished stream flow, fouled pump intakes, and clogged filters, overfeeding, overcrowded pond, top much sunlight. The secret of a beautiful, healthy pond is in the creation of naturally balanced pond conditions. A pond balance involves water conditions that stimulate strong plant growth. Nutrients are utilized to create a natural, un-fouled environment to help combat pond algae. It can be taken to multiple sites for treatment of stringy organic debris. Pond Balance will work at any water temperature.

String Algae Twister
Have a hard to reach spot that is loaded with string algae then try this telescoping arm that extends from 30" to 50" for removing the string algae from your pond it defiently works better than a finger of yours. The String Algae Twister is the best tool you could invest in.

GreenWater Algae-Help Getting Rid Of Pond Algae

Green Water Algae looks like your pond just turned into a pea soup pond.  Their is nothing wrong or unhealthy about this because it means your pond has lots of nutrients in it.  Green water algae can be very easy to get rid of because it doesn't take alot to control it.  What Does green water algae live off?
  1. Excess Nutrients from over feeding.
  2. To much sunlight.
  3. Overcrowded Pond
These are the three top culprits for it. Feeding your pond should only be done once a day either early morning or before dusk but make sure it's at the same time daily.  Feeding on a schedule will allow less food to sink to the bottom and more to be absorbed.  Also even if your fish eat it all each time if you feed 3 times a day that also equals more waste or poop created by your goldfish or koi.

Having to much sunlight can make getting rid of pond algae difficult because this is a harder thing to control.  Using lily pads will help reduce surface area that sun rays can reach as well as using a slanted roof or shelter to block sun rays.  Also using a blue pond tint can also help reflect the sun.

Overcrowding the pond is a huge problem usually since no one truly knows how many to add to their pond.  I believe with you should use goldfish for any pond under 300 gallons.  Goldfish only reach a foot compared to koi growing to 2-3 feet long.  I go with the general rule of one koi per 40 gallons on ponds bigger thn 300 gallons. Then one goldfish per 30 gallons in a pond.  Also using pond liners are the easiest way to know the size of your pond.

Products For Getting Rid Of Green Water Pond Algae.
This is a great algae fighter the Large Pond Cleaner ball, this is great for large ponds that need excess nutrients and sludge picked up. The 6in. disposable/recyclable plastic sphere is loaded with a beneficial bacteria and enzyme blend, designed to treat the real problem of ponds and small lakes that have excess nutrients problems. Patented time-release system releases daily doses of bacteria and enzymes that help keep sludge and algae blooms under control for a easy way of getting rid of pond algae. It's safe for humans, pets, fish and plants.  This ball works great, I have had alot of success with this.

Pond No More Algae for a clear water pond.

Pond No More Algae - 16 OuncePond No More Algae is a great product that kills algae in your pond.  It also slows the growth of algae which helps you fight off green water in your pond with out a whole lot of difficulty.  Also makes a good preventative for your pond.  Also using half the dose will rid your algae problem but just not as fast.

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Using Barley Pads or Balls To Fight Algae:
Healthy Ponds 51118 AquaSpherePro Biodegradable 12,500 Gallon 2-PackThis ball is preloaded with all natural bacteria and enzyme blend that takes away excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia, finding a ammonia removercanbe difficult, also ammonia is one of the main problem causers this helps in improving water quality and clarity. A patented timed-release system incubates and releases beneficial bacteria and enzymes 24-7 for 30 days. Each sphere treats up to 12,500 gallons. Being all-natural, you can't overtreat. PRO formula works effectively in water from 31° to 100°F.It's made from a corn-based polymer; after 30 days you can throw it away. Replace the sphere every once a month. Remember being all natural it doesn't happen over night like chemicals, but all natural will last longer in getting rid of algae it requires 4-6 weeks to achieve water improvement. Most effective in ponds with pH level between 6.0 and 8.2.

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