Pond Lily Pads

 Here is all the kinds of pond lilies that are available for sale.  Along with a description of the look that they have and the amount of sun required, the retail price of what they retail for usually is also listed below.  Pictures will be added soon.  So come enjoy a list of lilies buy unique not the generic ones everyone has that are sold in retail stores.
  • Fabiola-This lily is also known as the Luciana. This is a beautiful lily that can have multiple flowers open at once. A great decision for any size pond as long as kept in Full Sun.  Usually goes for $20 retail.
  • Firecrest- These lilies grow slightly above the water. It's a beautiful light pink that does well in many ponds. This lily does better in water around three feet. It does better in Full Sun Retails for about $20
  • Yuh Ling- Dark pink with bright yellow stems in the middle. A slight fragrance to it.This lily needs full sun, Retails for $20
  • Comanche- The blossom opens yellow and changes to a bronze color by the fourth day. This is a very beautiful flowering lily.This requires Partial sun to Full Sun,Retails for $25
  • Arc-En-Ciel-This is a large white star shaped sometimes a light pink beautiful bloom.  This has a couple different colored pads.  This is a very popular lilly.  It requires full sun. Retails for $25