Getting Rid Of Pond Algae Next Year

PetSolutions Pond Algae Stop - PETSOLUTIONS POND ALGAE STOP 64 OZHealthy Ponds 60008 Blast Premeasured, Water-soluble 15-gram Packets, 5 packNow that winter and fall are upon us it is time to take extra care in keeping the leafs out of your pond.  Getting rid of pond algae starts and finishes never.  It will be a constant battle but these steps will make it easier for you.  When those leaves fall into your pond and sink they might seem like their not doing much now because your pond is clear.  But what they will do when they start breaking up is another story.  The easiest way to control this is to net out the leaves once a week or more if needed.  Getting rid of pond algae will be easier if you take away the nutrients from the leaves decomposing in your pond.  You want a nice clear pond come winter time.  When it freezes over you want little to no leaves in the pond.  Their are also some chemicals that you can add after winter to help break waste down to help you get that last little bit out.

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