How to Remove String Algae from your Pond

String Algae is probably one of the most difficult algaes to get rid of but can also be a blessing in disguise.  String algae when taken out of the pond looks like a blanket of algae.  The trickiest issue about this algae is that a UV sterilizer will not affect it because it's not a free floating algae.  Many pond keepers like me love string algae when it is under control.  If you notice with alot of ponds with string algae are crystal clear which makes no sense but what happens is the blanket algae out competes the other algaes for food and actually starves out the other algaes.  This can be great a algae fighting another. The best way to combat algae is to keep it under control and the best way to do it is to twirl it around your finger and pull up and remove it.  If you would like to remove it still then the best way to remove it is to scrub the liner with a broom and scoop the blanket algae in a pool skimmer and then add a algae killer but be sure to check for safety of the chemical to make sure it's safe for fish, plants and any animals that may come in contact with the water.

Aquascape - SAB Extreme String Algae Control - 38.4 oz JarUsing Aquascape - SAB Extreme String Algae Control  is a great idea because it's not a chemical and treats large ponds to small ponds SAB Extreme is formulated to help reduce pond maintenance and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help control algae. Will assist in the breakdown and reduction of debris in the stream, waterfalls, and pond that cause green water and promote string algae growth and blanket algae. It will not harm fish and plants. It helps break down organic materials that create debris problems around waterfalls, rocks, plant pots, pumps, and filtration systems.  It works by adjusting the micro nutrients in the water of the pond resulting in conditions that are beneficial for good water quality and clarity. This product is actually 3 products in 1! They took the old SAB recipe and combined it with barley straw and natural biological powers of dry bacteria. If string algae is already a problem, then use Aqua scape Eco Blast to help remove existing

Pond Balance 8752 - Combat String Algae I use Pond Balance to combat string algae, and reduce stringy organic debris in my ponds. This Advanced Pond Care System is available in 3 sizes: The 8751 package treats ponds up to 3600 gallons, the 8752 package treats ponds up to 10800 gallons, and the 8753 package treats ponds up to 67100 gallons. Absolutely simple to apply, mix in a bucket, and add to your water. You will notice and improvement in your water quality in a few days. It may be necessary to manually remove the dying string algae afterwards with a pool skimmer net or it will decay and start the growing cycle over again. Tips: Unbalanced pond conditions can contribute to typical problems, such as diminished stream flow, fouled pump intakes, and clogged filters, overfeeding, overcrowded pond, top much sunlight. The secret of a beautiful, healthy pond is in the creation of naturally balanced pond conditions. A pond balance involves water conditions that stimulate strong plant growth. Nutrients are utilized to create a natural, un-fouled environment to help combat pond algae. It can be taken to multiple sites for treatment of stringy organic debris. Pond Balance will work at any water temperature.

String Algae Twister
Have a hard to reach spot that is loaded with string algae then try this telescoping arm that extends from 30" to 50" for removing the string algae from your pond it defiently works better than a finger of yours. The String Algae Twister is the best tool you could invest in.

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