How to Keep Heron's out of Your Pond

Blue Herons and Herons can cause you a lot of problems and most states that I know of make it illegal to kill them so you are stuck with scaring them off.  The heron with eat your koi or can hurt them in their attempt to catch them.  How to keep blue heron's out of your pond is actually easy to do. 

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  1. A blue heron statue is the best way to start because herons are territorial but make sure to move the statue every once in a while because herons are smarter than you think.
  2. Make your pond deeper than 3 feet because herons can't walk in water that deep, also having drop off edges all around your pond will help keep other predators out.
  3. Put a net over the top of your pond to help keep herons out of your pond, this will also keep leaves out as well, as well as keep your fish in your pond.
  4. Fake alligator head in the pond is also another way to scare them off because nothing messes with a alligator.
  5. Trip line using fishing line at the edge of the pond is another great way to scare them away from the edge of the pond.  
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As with the statue make sure you adjust the traps and statues because the heron smarten up and will out smart you when it comes to there meal in your pond.  If you have any problems with Pond Algae check out my other articles like How to get rid of Green Water in your Pond.

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